magic in the mundane


You know that quote, “Grow through what you go through”?

So that’s definitely been my motto recently.

Because even though business is booming and I’m loving being in a position to help my clients manifest some magic in their businesses, I’m learning (again — and this is an endless lesson for me) that I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew. Just gonna blame it on being an ambitious Slytherin/Capricorn.

But being interrupted 20 times in an hour for snacks and surprised comments on video games and lego creations (OMG THAT’S AMAZING — but please don’t tell me more right this very second, cause I’m about to hop on a Zoom call)…it’s not exactly conducive to a productive work environment.

Especially when you live in the every so lovely confines of military housing and your “office” is literally your dining room (and the dining room is now a corner of the living room).

Going from 1 part time client to 5 mostly full time clients has definitely been a challenging adjustment.

I’ve shamelessly given my kids so much extra electronics time and now I’m dealing with all the mom guilt. One of the things I worked out with my kids was less electronics and more hands-on stuff. More baking together in the kitchen. More outside play. More imaginative play. More family game nights.

I’ve declined invitations to the beach and the pool during the day, because I’ve been so focused on sitting at my desk churning out work. I don’t mind working hard — I like to think my dedication is a strength — but I have to remind myself that the biggest reason I shifted to work-from-home was to create my own schedule and be able to do more with the kids. Toward the end of June, I let go of client guilt (guilt that says I am not working enough) to spend days at the beach with my kids. I even had a day at the beach with friends…without my kids.

When I work at half capacity, I’m learning, I’m really working the max I need to be. So I scaled back. I let go of some of my clients. I’m taking on more one-time project clients and less long-term partnership clients.

Career opportunities will return. Opportunities to make memories with (and sometimes without) my kids will not.

If ever there was a time to slow down, this was it. I’m now enjoying a month-long visit from my mother, who I haven’t seen in more than 3 years. I’ve gotten to visit with a great uncle who was a POW in WW2 and is approaching 100 years old at the end of the month. I’ve spent more days at the beach. More days enjoying family. More days playing with my kids. More days with my fitness group. More time for reading!

(please tell me what you’re reading, cause I can always use recommendations — any and all genres welcome)

And on the work side? Less clients means devoting more time to personal projects I want to explore (like design and coaching).

I juggled too much in May/June, recognized it was too much and now I’m growing from it by setting some firmer boundaries and making space for balance.

What are you going through that you can grow from? Hit reply, let’s chat.


Once again using The Muse Tarot, because it’s just so pretty and it’s still currently my fav deck to play with.

Even the cards are asking us to find balance and free ourselves from things that restrict and bind.

Nine of Materials (or 9 of Pentacles in your traditional deck) is a card of success and prosperity. Sure, most times it can be referring to material success and wealth, but I’m seeing a woman allowing her self to bloom. She is literally growing through whatever it is she’s going through!

And she looks free. Happy.

Like it can’t always be all work and no play. That hard work has to lead to moments of joy or else, what is it all for? You can do the work — the hard labor, the all-nighters, all of it — reap the rewards and enjoy them.

For me, that was realizing that I can work and find financial and professional success without giving up my creative practice, my spiritual practice, time with my husband, time with my kids, etc.

I can have my cake and eat it, too. So can you!

The Page of Emotions comes in to say, “Yes! Enjoy that mf cake! Have some ice cream on the side, too!”

The page brings playfulness and magic (her dress is an octopus with a hidden world). She reminds us that we need to keep our eyes open for it, though. There’s magic in the mundane for those willing to see it.

We can chase all the goals in the world, but more than being goal driven, we need to be heart centered.

Working from home was my goal because it allows me to spend time with my family while also pursuing all creative and crafty avenues, but when I focused too much on my work goals, I lost sight of my heart’s desires — more time for play and magic.

Together, these cards are a reminder that when we let go and free ourselves to play, magic happens.

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