new moon in pisces

surrender and slow down


I’m a pretty organized person. Every Sunday I sit at my desk and work out my schedule for the following week in my planner. It’s color coded and everything. And for me, this time at my desk with my planner is a form of self care. I find it relaxing to color code my chaos and go into the next week as prepared as I can be.

When I’m at home, my planner is open on my desk. When I’m out and about, my planner is in my purse. We have a family calendar (also color coded) that organizes work schedules, volunteer commitments, extra curricular activities and doctor’s appointments.

Lately, my planner and family calendar have looked like rainbow explosions with everything going on — added to our normal busy routine is a ton of cookie booths for my Girl Scout. Trying to earn summer camp by selling 650 boxes of cookies is no joke.

I’m no stranger to hard work and most of the time, I don’t mind having a full schedule. I find that I’m less likely to have depressive episodes if I’m out of the house and keeping busy. However, I’m also finding that I need to do better at scheduling still moments.

Moments where I can allow my mind to relax, my body to recharge and my creativity to play.

For example, as I am writing this, I should be at my work out class. I could have gone and then rushed home to shower and change before dashing off to today’s cookie booth. But this morning, I had a rare quiet moment over a cup of coffee and I realized that I would rather continue my quiet morning and do something creative rather than cut my morning short in favor of rushing in the afternoon.

Luckily for me, there is a night workout class today, so I will be going to that instead. In fact, I decided that most of this week I would attend the night classes as it will give me more quiet mornings over a cup of coffee and a blank canvas.

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook about how she was literally writing down her down time in her planner. She said she was doing it to help it become a habit. To remind herself, that her down time is just as important as her meetings with clients and her other commitments.

That struck a chord.

So while this week is pretty much set in stone with commitments, I did cancel and rearrange a few things and I am making sure that next week, I actively schedule time to paint and play. And when I say actively schedule it, I mean I am doing what my friend is doing and I am physically writing it down in my planner and marking it as something urgent that cannot be rescheduled.

Too often, we push our need for quiet to the side. We see “free time” as time we can give away to other people and other commitments. Sometimes, that’s ok — if a friend is in a pinch and you’re in a position to help, absolutely do it. But there’s a difference between helping a friend in need and agreeing to everything that’s asked of you until your schedule is packed tighter than my rolls in a pair of spanx.

Last fall I did a seminar and one of the things that really stuck with me was this saying:

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Instead of looking at free time as hours we can use to take on more commitments, we need to take a piece of that free time and reframe it as “me time”. Time that is for you to create, play, relax and recharge — time that is for you to fill your cup.

It’s ok to say no to people and plans.

It’s ok to cancel plans when you realize that you’ve given too much and need to refill and recharge.

Your time is valuable. You are valuable.

Keep your cups filled, friends.

Moon + Magic

New Moon in Pisces: February 23, 2020

Deck used: Thelema Tarot

Pisces is a sign that calls us to follow our intuition. The High Priestess card says something similar — she reminds us that we have the answers we seek, but we need to trust our own intuition.

One thing that interests me about these two cards together are the colors. The High Priestess is very serene — lots of blue, silver/white — but the Knight of Wands is the exact opposite with vibrant oranges, yellows and red.

The Knight of Wands is an impulsive card. The knight is the sort of person who will jump to take on all the commitments — he’s not thinking about his cup at all because he’s all go go go. He can’t slow down because he has too much to do and a list of errands a mile long.

Sound familiar?

But the High Priestess is very calm. She knows the wisdom in slowing down and taking time to fill your cup. She’s not going to come out and tell you to slow down, though. She doesn’t need to because you already know what you need to do. She’s just gonna kind of give you that look and shake her head at you when you still ignore the signs that are asking you to slow down and listen to the needs of your body, your mind and your spirit.

You know you need to slow down. You know you cannot pour from an empty cup.

But are you listening?

New Moon in Pisces

This new moon in Pisces is good time to surrender. Start listening to that inner voice that’s begging you to slow down just a little bit.

Pisces is a dreamy, creative sign. Pisces has her head in the clouds, she zones out when she stares out the window, she daydreams endlessly. Pisces isn’t afraid to dive deep, either.

Remember the song the mom sings in Frozen 2? (and how can you not? cause if your kids are like mine, it’s been on an endless replay)

Dive down deep into her sound…
But not too far or you’ll be drowned.

Very Pisces.

Use this new moon to slow down, daydream and drift.

Listen to your intuition.

If you missed opportunities to create, play and explore the first half of the month, this new moon is your second chance.

Slow down. Surrender.

New Moon Magic

The new moon falls on Sunday, February 23. Use this time to find moments of quiet stillness. Yesterday, completely by surprise, a friend brought me a coffee from Starbucks and took both my kids for a couple of hours. It was an unexpected blessing — I got to sit on the couch for two quiet hours and just watch tv.

This weekend find your quiet.

Take a bubble bath. Enjoy of cup of coffee by yourself. Sit in your car for five minutes alone before going inside the house. Stare out the window for ten minutes and let your mind wander. Do some yoga. If you are able, cancel one of your commitments. Get a raincheck and use that time to watch whatever movie has been on your Netflix list the longest.

What’s the rush? Everything will still be there in a couple of hours.

Journal Prompts

Ok. So I know you’ve been busy and you haven’t been journaling. You’ve been meaning to make the time, but you haven’t quite worked it into your schedule yet because, well, life.

Too busy to write? Download a note-taking app. I like using Awesome Note 2, but I’ve also used One Note and Evernote. When you’re on the go, spend two minutes jotting down notes to yourself. Use the talk-to-text, even. Siri may not get it all perfect, but at least you’re getting it all out.

Without further adieu, here are your journal prompts inspired by the new moon in Pisces and the cards pulled:

  • Imaginary Cancellation: Pretend you are about to cancel on all the commitments you have lined up this week or next. What is the absolute worst that could happen? What is most likely what will happen? Is there one (or even two) things you could cancel in order to make time for yourself? (note: there is always something you can cancel when you are running on empty)

  • Bubbles: Draw ten circles of different sizes on a sheet of paper. Fill them in what what you have room for — people, activities, etc. Now pop a bubble. What’s left? If you had to eliminate two, what are they and why?

  • Dreams: Write down ten big dreams you have that haven’t come true yet. Give yourself time to daydream about them.

  • The Past 24: Write down one thing you have done for yourself in the last 24 hours. What was it? How did it make you feel?


Not a journal prompt, but try this anyway.

Find a quiet space. Put on some headphones and some quiet music. You’ll need at least one or two minutes of uninterrupted quiet — moms, hide in the closet if you have to.

No excuses! You can find two minutes to do this.

For those two minutes, just breath in and out deeply. Quiet your mind. Let go of your stress and worries for two minutes. You can close your eyes or you can look at a painting. You can look out the window or sit outside and look at nature.

Focus on your breath.

Inhale peace and exhale chaos. Inhale stillness and exhale stress. Inhale abundance and exhale anxieties.

Two minutes.

Let your mind clear.


Let go.

Move forward.

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