what do you want to be when you grow up?

because we're all multi-passionates


If I’ve struggled with anything, it’s niching down.

When you’re a kid, people ask: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

When you’re college, people ask: “What is your major?”

In business: “What do you specialize in?”

What do you want to be doing with your life? What’s your calling?

“What do you want to be when you grow up, Alice?”


I feel like we’re conditioned from the time we are children to only have that one special thing. That one passion. It feels so limiting.

I struggled for years with making my “brand” fit the niche I thought I needed to be in. When I was focused on writing and publishing, everything was branded as “Alice the Author”.

Then I had to build a separate brand as “Alice the Tarot Reader”, because I was told over and over that I couldn’t do both in the same place. I needed separate websites. Separate socials.

Alice the Mommy Blogger
Alice the Public Relations Specialist.
Alice the Artist
Alice the Photographer
Alice the Clown (actually, it was Bamboo the Clown)

It wasn’t just having separate interests, it was having separate lives that weren’t allowed to touch or mingle.

It was (and is) exhausting.

Nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs are labeling themselves as multi-passionates (I’ve totally done this and probably still do) because it allows them the freedom to say: “I do this thing, but I also enjoy doing this totally unrelated thing, too! And I like to do them all in one place.”

It’s so freeing, honestly.

I’m no stranger to tearing down a business and building it up from scratch. I’m doing that right now, in fact. I enjoy working in branding and public relations, but I also enjoy making art. I enjoy reading tarot. I enjoy writing. Why shouldn’t I allow all of those things to make up my career?

My website is now going to be a reflection of me and all of the services I offer, whether it’s branding/public relations related or not.

(currently it’s just a pretty picture of a rainbow, but the rest is being built slowly but surely: www.alicejanell.com)

Who says I just have to be one thing?

If I want to be a creative brand strategist and an artist and a tarot reader and a clown, then I will be all of those things and more (and yes, I know that hobbies can just be hobbies, we don’t need to monetize everything).

If you want to be more than one thing, be more than one thing.

Don’t limit yourself or your potential.

Celebrate all the things that bring you joy and fill your cups (and your wallet).

So…what do you want to be when you grow up?


Deck: The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

What’s missing from your life? Are you sure it’s actually missing or are you just so focused on it not being right in front of you that you don’t realize it’s there?

4 of Emotions (cups) is asking us to make sure we’re paying attention. She’s so focused on missing that fourth cup that she doesn’t realize she’s in it! When you count your blessings, make sure you include yourself — it’s not just about material things or what other people have, it’s about you and what you have to offer yourself and others. Look to yourself when you feel like you’re missing something.

Likewise, the Muse of Voices (king of swords) tells us to dance freely in our gifts. Share them with others. Lead with joy and freedom. Don’t try to be more than you are or more than you freely give (conserve some energy for yourself), just be honest, open and clear with your intentions and communications. Do what feels honest and authentic and aligned with your values.

You are the gift you’re seeking. You are the magic.

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