you are not less than

even when the voice inside you says otherwise


You ever have that voice in your head that calls you a fraud? The one that says you’re an imposter?

I do. And I hear it all. the. time.

Stepping into freelance this past year as a public relations and branding strategist, I hear it constantly. Like what am I even doing in this industry?

Never mind that I have a full on degree in public relations. Never mind the countless hours put in to obtain that degree. Never mind the internships and part-time jobs I’ve held in the industry.

My journey into public relations hasn’t been traditional. I have never worked in corporate PR. I have never worked in an agency.

But I have helped dozens of small businesses and entrepreneurs. I have helped entrepreneurs come up with courses for their audiences. I have set up email lists and designed lead gens (business speak for those freebie downloads you give your email for on websites). I have designed logos and websites that were perfect for small businesses just getting their start. I have created more content for social media and blogs than I can count. I have sat with businesses and helped them strategize their branding and marketing techniques.

So why am I still plagued with feelings of being an imposter? Why do I still feel like I’m not good enough? Like I’m less than.

I feel like that happens to moms and milspouses a lot, actually. Because we chose to stay home with our kids and create a huge gap in our employment history or a pause on our education, we are somehow less.

Many of us don’t hold traditional, corporate jobs. Many of us go years (decades, even) without holding a job of any kind. And those of us who do work, tend to fall into jobs that migrate with our lives easily: retail, service/food, or MLM.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these choices, btw. Nothing. Not a damn thing.


Is it just me or does it often feel like we pick these jobs because they feel like they’re the only options available?

When we moved to California, I was working with an MLM. I ended up quitting after discovering seven other vendors lived on my block. I went out in town and accepted the first job offered to me even though I hated the idea of working retail.

I worked in retail for two years before I called it quits.

For a little bit there, I was convinced I could climb the ladder and work in corporate by the time my husband retired. By the end, though, retail definitely wasn’t for me — besides, I really wanted to be doing something with my degree.

So when the opportunity to work as a virtual assistant and online business manager came my way, I jumped. I saw this as a way to segue into the marketing and public relations sector.

Now I am also freelancing officially as a public relations and branding strategist. I do not care that I don’t have corporate experience — I know what I’m doing. I’m a motherf*cking unicorn and your fairy godmother all rolled into one magical package.

I’m not a fraud, and mama, neither are you.

(PS: One of the things I’ll be working on in the coming months is a course on jumping into the VA work space. So if that’s something that interests you, reply to this email, cause I’ll be starting a separate email list for that group soon.)


Once again using The Muse Tarot, because it’s just so pretty and it’s still currently my fav deck to play with.

So this 9 of Materials feels like it’s low-key haunting me. I’ve pulled it so many times when I use this deck.

This time around it feels like a calling. The muse here is asking us step into ourselves fully. And, for lack of a better analogy, she’s asking us to BLOOM. She’s telling us to stop hiding from who we are and to live our lives unapologetically.

The 7 of Inspiration mirrors this in a different way. This muse says, “Yes, let your inner light shine through, but keep your boundaries. Protect yourself.”

Because what happens any time we step out as ourselves (our true, This is ME, take it or leave it selves)? Those around us who aren’t at that level in their journey try to bring us down. It may not even be intentional, but because they’re not there yet (they can’t see it for themselves) it makes them petty and jealous.

The 7 of Inspiration is a reminder to protect yourself and keep those boundaries firm. It’s not on you if they’re not at your level yet. True friends? They don’t tear you down. They inspire and celebrate. They support.

So bloom to your fullest, but keep a few thorns on you just in case.

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